Join us in an adventure of the heart! Meet and connect with new people; nourish and strengthen your body to a new a level of health, fitness and vitality; have great fun!

What we offer here at Free Spirit is unique, there is nothing else quite like it. Students are respectful, encouraging, kind and loving to one another, teachers care and are passionate about the wellbeing, as well as skill development, of their students. There is an essence of co-operation rather than competition. 

By coming to our classes, you will find and grow the confidence to be who you are, to move and dance to your unique flavour embracing the unique qualities that you bring, and be able to shine so bright that everyone celebrates with you!

Invite the joy into your life and see what incredible things will unfold in  your life!!! 


Our intention is to bring a healthy, conscious approach to dance and music. We achieve this through teaching our students to honour themselves and their body and to show the same respect to all others. This is done in a variety of ways, however, encouragement is the main key. We teach acceptance and celebration of your body and the way your body feels when you dance, so that when you express yourself, artistically or not, you are FREE!!!

We liberate dance from "sexualisation" and and bring it back to art and expression. We stand for change for the way in which people relate to dance and music for men, women, boys and girls.



Free Spirit Dance and Music has been lead by Nina van der Plas since 2011 when she established this great Samba School. We have achieved everything from producing and selling out our very own cabaret shows to being regular feature performers at festivals and corporate events in QLD.

The professional performing opportunities with Free Spirit Entertainment are second to none, there are also amateur opportunities for those wishing to have the experience of performing just for fun.

Free Spirit has a reputation for being cutting edge, exciting, colour and original in its approach and expression of Samba.

Free Spirit Samba has now moved to New Zealand, we still work in conjunction with the Latin scene in Australia but our primary focus is now in New Zealand.

For a more detailed list of events, shows and courses, simply send us an email and we will happily respond.

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